Growth Strategy

Improve productivity and drive revenue

  • Sales and Performance and Coaching
  • Bench-marking and Diagnosis
  • Influence and productivity
  • Leadership for Rapid Growth

Having the right people on board is fundamental for strategic business growth, and no growth strategy can be complete without identifying the talent requirements necessary to meet the organization’s future goals. You need to have a clear map of the existing talent in your organization and your future workforce requirements. The Predictive Index system can help you plan for tomorrow by providing an objective look at the behavioural drives, capacities, and motivations of the sales professionals and managers you have today.

Good People are Great for Business

To achieve revenue goals, our Growth Strategy focus area empowers you with the knowledge to meet your sales-related talent acquisition and development challenges. You can rely on our powerful combination of data provided from the Predictive Index system and the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT). The Predictive Index assessment measures how a person’s drives can impact their communication and decision-making style, while the SSAT provides an objective look at a person’s selling skills. Armed with these two perspectives, you can understand the skill sets of your people; both their strengths and areas that require training and coaching. For any employee, it can serve as the foundation for a performance development plan.