Coaching to Sales Growth

Coaching to Sales Growth™
Coaching to Excellence™

These energizing full day programs give sales managers a proven four-step coaching process, advanced coaching skills, and practical application strategies utilizing the data from both the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) and the behavioral assessment tool Predictive Index® (part of Coaching for Sales Growth only). This powerful combination of data, skills and application enables your sales managers to accurately coach for outstanding sales results.

Adult learning research and our own life experiences have proven that it’s incredibly difficult to sustain the positive energy and resolve to apply newly-learned skills back on the job without support and reinforcement. Applying new skills requires breaking old habits, and old habits die hard.

Coaching others is an advanced sales management skill, critical to the development of sales reps. It involves truly understanding an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their inherent motivations and personality drives. It means setting goals, providing feedback, celebrating success and holding others accountable in meaningful, consistent ways.

Coaching for Sales Growth™/Coaching to Excellence™ provide the elements of this advanced skill set and also supports the idea that training is not a “one and done event.”

Coaching for Sales Growth is designed for sales managers who are trained as Predictive Index analysts. Coaching to Excellence is for sales managers who are not.