PI Management Workshop™

Equip your managers to make more effective, productive and sustainable decisions about your people.

We believe the Predictive Index Management Workshop will be the most productive learning experience of your business career. In a highly interactive workshop setting, experienced consultants will teach you and your managers how to interpret and apply the insights gained from Predictive Index data.

You’ll learn how to incorporate these insights into your daily decision making process and discover the many ways you can use workforce analytics data to improve the performance of your team and your organization.

The PRO survey: for jobs

Assemble balanced teams for greater success and cultural fit

Identify and develop leaders at all levels for today and for the future

Get the insight you need to coach, communicate and drive results

Job Satisfaction
Define requirements that put the right people in the right jobs and ensure engagement and retention

Know more about the way people work so you can effectively motivate others

“PI used extensively in Inside Sales during the recruiting phase to ensure the candidates have the DNA to be successful in their roles at SAP. Post recruiting, one of the hidden values for Inside Sales centers is around leadership and employee alignment. PI is used during organizational builds to align the staff with their prospective leaders based on PI profiles, so that we get the best leadership alignment for our teams.”

Shawn Robertson,
Global Vice President,
Global Inside Sales – Optimization and Innovation SAP AG, Inc.

Inside the Workshop

During the two-day comprehensive workshop, attendees are taught how to apply Predictive Index® data in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Change Management and Growth Strategy. This highly interactive classroom experience prepares participants as Predictive Index analysts who know how to leverage insights from PI data to optimize talent decisions and meet business needs.

During the Predictive Index Management Workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Analyze key behavioral drives and motivating needs
  • Understand how these drives and needs impact common workplace behaviors
  • Leverage workforce analytics to attract and hire the best qualified people into your organization
  • Identify the unique talents and motivations of individuals and groups
  • Manage oneself and others better for more effective and productive collaboration
  • Use job analytic tools to better align roles and responsibilities to behavioral drives
  • Use real data from one’s own organization to apply the power of workforce analytics immediately

During the Predictive Index Management Workshop, participants will learn to:

  1. An industry-specific Predictive Index case study –  The case study is a detailed discussion that drives home how to make effective, data-driven decisions in a given workplace scenario. Our case studies represent numerous business sectors, creating a highly relevant experience for all participants.
  2. A Business Application Module using our technology platform – The Business Application Module provides participants with hands-on experience generating interview guides, coaching guides and group/team analytics using the accessPI™ technology platform. Each module also teaches a best practice methodology to accompany the technology-driven tools for immediate use at the participant’s company. There are three types of business application modules: Talent Acquisition, Team Effectiveness and Coaching.

Who should participate?

The Predictive Index Management Workshop builds critical management and leadership skills for all levels of an organization and can positively impact every functional area. The potential to capitalize on strategic initiatives and improve performance is enormous. Our client companies send team members and leaders from these areas to learn how to make data-driven people decisions:

  • Leadership Teams/C-suite
  • Department Managers in operational roles such as marketing, finance, production, etc.
  • Team leaders with day-to-day accountability for managing the development and productivity of others
  • Revenue generation, Sales managers and reps
  • Human Resources and Talent Acquisition specialists
  • and more…

Workshop materials are currently available in more than 10 languages to serve teams and organizations with multilingual requirements.


The benefits of being a certified PI Analyst

Workshop attendees achieve a higher level of self-awareness resulting in workplace behavior adjustments that accelerate effectiveness and improve engagement. Attendees develop a deep working knowledge of decision-making, communication and delegation styles by applying PI data to actual work experiences.

The workshop is part of a comprehensive blended learning program that provides the best educational experience possible for our clients. Attendees participate in eLearning programs both before and after the two-day workshop. In addition, every client has their own PI consultant who is available to reinforce the application of PI data throughout your organization.

Our goal is to help you become proficient in using PI data for all your people needs, including:

  • Finding and hiring top talent
  • Building teams and leaders
  • Building trust and managing change
  • Influencing productivity and driving growth

Our sequential approach includes a variety of in-person and online programs that will help you learn the fundamentals of the Predictive Index as well as its applications in everyday business situations. Participants leave the workshop with these benefits:

  • Self-awareness of their own management and leadership style
  • Access to data-driven tools to develop, manage and motivate others more effectively
  • Resources to continually improve teamwork and enhance productivity at all levels
  • Knowledge to apply PI data in multiple business applications
  • Hands-on experience with relevant business case studies
  • Access to guidance from an experienced PI consultant on how to apply PI data inside their unique team or organization