Team Building


Do you have a team of executives that could benefit from new insights about each other?  Or perhaps a team that just can’t get in sync?  A team-building session based on Predictive Index® and led by an ADVISA consultant is a unique way to help a team take a step up to greater productivity and business impact.

Our Approach

The goal of team building is to increase self-awareness and the understanding of others. With this in place, the foundation for positive communications and strong working relationships is set. Our approach encourages guiding thinking about oneself and others, and a lighthearted yet meaningful examination of the working dynamics of the team.

And just what does an ADVISA team-building session look like?

In advance, participants complete the Predictive Index® survey. If you are a Predictive Index client, you will be able to gather this information. And if you are not a client, we’ll manage this work. The survey only requires 5-10 minutes, so it’s easy even for busy executives. The advance work often includes working with the sponsor of the project to customize the session so that we best meet the group’s needs. (For example, we may incorporate Group Analytics in order to even better highlight group dynamics).

The session can be designed to last between 2 and 4 hours. We begin with a high-level discussion about the existing challenges to the business. These are continually referred to as the session progresses. How the team works together is explored in detail using the insight provided by Predictive Index. Participants see their Predictive Index profile and those of the other participants, which encourages new understanding of individual differences.

Rest assured that this isn’t a lecture. Instead, the facilitator engages the group an interactive exchange where questions and discussions are encouraged. Quickly, light bulbs go off. The head of sales sees when she and the head of operations continually clash. The CEO realizes she’s frustrating her team because to them it appears that she continually changes directions. Connections are made between the challenges facing the business and team dynamics. The ADVISA leader introduces strategies for addressing these challenges.

At the conclusion, we conduct a debriefing session with the sponsor as a way to evaluate the project, share observations, and consider next steps.

What can participants expect to walk away with after an ADVISA team-building session?

  • Enhanced self-awareness by participants
  • Connections made between group dynamics and how business challenges are being addressed
  • Participants understanding interpersonal challenges as differences rather than flaws
  • Identification of strategies to improve working relationships
  • Many “ah-ha” moments
  • Good-natured laughter
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